A Story, Becomes a Movie, Becomes a Book

And I Can't Recommend You Read It

Posted by Future Guy on 2022 January 28

Escape from Neo-Berlin

The only way you can tell this is a Surrealist piece is all the screaming that occurs afterward.

And then the incredibly brief advertisement that follows. Actually, for the final "Escape from Neo-Berlin", they had made a full-length movie. On the DVD (and it's so very easy to find, since they are asking for $1. 50 to rip it off), it was at least 15 minutes long. It even had subtitles and the title.

As the program is basically an option to do nothing, you get what you get. This is a book review from the original 1st edition. Back in 2007 when this book came out, the News had dubbed it "Banned for being Beautiful".

You know what? It's that.

I'm going to go ahead and tell you what was banned from movie theatres because of its disturbing content. But maybe not. Because I'm not you. I know you're a reader. I know what you like. But I'm just another guy. And I can't give the gist of this story. I can give you the snippets. I'm not able to give you the full plot, characters, etc. Because it's in the public domain and it's not restricted by copyright.

I'll tell you this: the movie is not for everybody. It's not pretty. It's long. It's a bit brutal. It may be banned. And it contains some very graphic scenes. It's also not bad. Most of the scenes in the movie can easily be covered up by just changing the color of a person's skin. (There's one, though, that's pretty odd. You'll have to wait to see it for yourself.)

Really, it doesn't even need to be any of those things. Most of the book is pretty mild, but it's just a strange little story. I'll tell you how I know. It has a light cover. That's about all I can tell you. It's not a title that you would have on the shelves, but it is worthwhile!